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As part of our commitment to equity in the legal profession, Montes Gendron Lawyers has established the Student Parent Scholarship in order to provide financial support to parents as they pursue their legal studies. The scholarship is open to both law students and paralegal students. Each year, one scholarship in the amount of $1500.00 will be awarded. Applicants must be a parent in their second or third year of a JD or LL.B program or enrolled at an accredited paralegal education program in Ontario.

In your application, tell us about your experience as a student parent. Communicate your hopes, your struggles, your frustrations, your guilt and your joy. There is no particular suggested format or word count for applications. We encourage creative, outside the box submissions whether they are written or sent via video files and links. The application process is not meant to add significant additional workload to your already busy schedule. We were also student parents not too long ago, so do not hesitate to keep it 100% real. Are you limited to studying after bedtime? Do you find yourself at home watching Netflix Kids while your peers are at their weekly pub crawl? What will you really do with the scholarship funds?

All application materials will be kept in the strictest confidence and will be promptly destroyed once a decision is made. Successful recipients will not be identified or publicized on any website, social media or traditional media platform.

Application materials are accepted only between November 1st and 30th and must be submitted to: The scholarship is awarded in December.

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